This talk was recorded on May 3, 2017 at the University of Toronto, Earth Sciences Centre. It is part of Next Gen Geo's 1st Mineral Exploration Knowledge and Skills Seminar Series, sponsored by Bridge, PDAC, and SRK Consulting.

The Corporate Side of Geology: Balancing the Regulated Activities of Mineral Extraction with Capitalism

The Corporate Side of Geology: Balancing the Regulated Activities of Mineral Extraction with Capitalism

Presented by: Jennifer Boyle

The corporate world plays a significant role in the resource industry where a variety of institutional and corporate pressures influence almost every segment.  This translates to, among other things: (i) the exposure of real-time liability to mining personnel at all levels, including their family members and close friends and business associates; and (ii) market volatility for investors and proposed investors.

This seminar provides an overview and summary of the various corporate forces affecting the profitability and liability of all mining and oil and gas companies and their personnel, including arms-length third party consultants who are working within or in affiliation with the organization.

All activities undertaken in the resource sector are regulated primarily  by the associated mining legislation, but further, all ancillary activities hold equal relevance under their own regulatory regimes.  In particular, corporate, securities, fiscal, customs, environmental, and employment law exert significant influence over the day to day operations of all mineral resource companies and the legislation governing these ancillary activities hold equal importance.  In sum, the business of extracting minerals comprises two equally important functions of “below-ground” matters and “above ground” matters; one function does not and cannot operate in isolation of the other.  

This seminar provides factual insight on the legislation governing the business of mineral extraction, and includes actual analyses of legal infractions, the ensuing capital losses and gains in the market, and resulting penalties, if any.  Equal attention to both sides of the equation (above ground and below ground) is required for the business of mineral extraction and the market economy that funds it.

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Summary of Jennifer Boyle's Talk

Resource Companies & Capital Markets

  • How the capital markets function, regulators and legislation (Stock Exchange/Ontario Securities Commission), and where the role of a geologist fits into it
  • Career opportunities – salary ranges
  • Duties of a Vice-President, Exploration
  • Duties of a Qualified Person under NI 43-101; News Releases
  • Private Placement Financing – Flow Through Shares / Stock Options / Streaming / Offtake / Royalty Financing
  • Insider Information – Geologists are often the first to know
  • The business of mineral exploration through Mining Agreements – Option / Joint Venture / Royalty

Exploration and Environmental

  • Environmental Legislation
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Liability
  • Who owns the mineral rights in Canada? Map Staking / Claim Staking - optioning your mineral claims, how does it work?
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – The Duty to Consult - Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia and Grassy Narrows First Nation v. Ontario.

Breach of Duty of Care and Consequences:

  • Barkerville / Rubicon / Canada Lithium / BreX and others
  • Litigation Cases – Impact on Capital Markets and the Directors/Officers of a Mining Company
  • Effects of Anti-Corruption of Foreign Public Officials legislation

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