Hiba-tul (Hiba) Naseer Maheen
Director of Marketing & Social Media, and Program Manager (Intensive Skill Development Workshops)

"Giving with passion, integrity and compassion to make a difference"

Hiba has a MSc in Geology from the University of Western Ontario, and has previously worked at the PDAC (Coordinator, Membership and Reception) and Mining Matters (Coordinator for the Indigenous Education and Outreach Program). She is currently working with ATAC and Barrick managing logistics for 3 exploration programs, while core logging and doing field geology in the Yukon. Hiba is inquisitive about geosciences and loves working with people to make a positive future for the geoscience industry.

Tomas Straum
Co-Founder, Co-Director of Operations, and Program Manager (Mineral Exploration Training Program)

Tomas has traveled around the world to pursue his geological dreams, from Norway to Australia, and now Canada. He did his BSc at Curtin University in Applied Geology and he is deeply interested in Cu and Ni deposits. The Next Gen Geo Mineral Exploration Training workshops are something he looks forward to every week and he loves getting out into the bush for field work.

Shuda Zhou
Co-Founder, Co-Director of Operations, and Program Manager (Paid Practical Skills Training & Career Focus Grant)

Shuda is a super organized and hard-working Geologist-in-Training. He completed his BSc at the China University of Geosciences in Geology and his MSc at the University of Windsor in Geochemistry. He’s very interested in the application of Machine Learning to improve exploration workflows.

Our Team

Lisa Cupelli
Program Manager (Field Trips & Career Focus Grant)

Lisa is a GIT with a PhD from the University of Western Ontario in Geology and Planetary Science. Her economic experience includes Ni-Cu-PGE Brown fields exploration with Vale in the Sudbury Basin and she is currently working as a Field Geologist with First Cobalt Corp. in Silver Center, Ontario. She understands the challenges that new graduates face and is always happy to share her experiences and help others in the field.

Jamal Amin
Co-founder, Managing Director, and Program Manager (Seminar Series)

Jamal is a problem solver who is passionate about mining and mineral exploration. He did his BSc at the University of Waterloo in Science and Business (Earth Science Specialization) and his MSc at the State University of New York in Geosciences (Volcanology). He is interested in innovation and is excited about the future of the industry.

Robin Wolf
Program Manager (Core Crawl)

Robin is a GIT working for McEwen Mining with a focus on exploration and geometallurgy. She has a HBSc (Earth Sciences) and a MSc (Experimental Geochemistry) from the University of Toronto. Robin is passionate about economic geology and the mining industry; she is eager to help and inspire new graduates and students interested in those fields.