I was born and grew up in New Zealand. The bedrock geology in my home-town, Wellington, is uninspiring but its impressive landforms encouraged me to follow studies in geology at Victoria University of Wellington; then McGill, Carleton and Queen’s.

The topic of my Ph.D. thesis was the geology of the Archaean Flavrian and Powell Plutons, which I identified as feeders for the volcanoes and heat engines for the mineral deposits of the Noranda district.

After a few years in the bush, as often happens, my wife tapped me on the shoulder and suggested I look for a desk job. As a result, I began work as a financial analyst for investment dealers in Toronto while pursuing both a Diploma in Business Administration at the University of Toronto and courses at the Canadian Securities Institute.

An association of my peers, the Mineral Resource Analysts Group of Toronto, has declared me to be an Analyst Emeritus. I am also a Life Member of the Toronto Geological Discussion Group,  a group I ran for 18 years.

Research on mineral economics resulted, in 2000, in my trademarking the term "pinch-point"TM, which refers to a critical level of the inventories of a  commodity. I have also published, in a Geological Association of Canada text, a chapter on NSR modelling of mineral deposits:  https://journals.lib.unb.ca/index.php/GC/article/view/3740/4254. And one of the results of my work on relationships between the resource industry and key stakeholders was, in 2005, the publication of a book, Inco comes to Labrador by Flanker Press of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador. https://www.amazon.ca/Inco-Comes-Labrador-Raymond-Goldie/dp/1894463757 .

I’ve become known across the country as a frequent guest on television shows, most notably BNN in Toronto.

I hold Directorships of several Canadian exploration and mining companies, and of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada. 

Raymond Goldie​

B.Sc.   M.Sc.   Ph.D.   Dip.Bus.Admin.

​Independent Analyst and Director, Toronto